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Home Page We repair all makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs, from minor scrapes and door dings to major collision damage repair. Our goal is always to bring your vehicle back to pre-accident condition, including maintaining its ability to protect its occupants in case of a collision.

take a look at the site here You will receive a professional estimate for which repairs will be necessary to restore your vehicle. Auto body estimating is a skilled profession which typically takes at least five years to learn well. The first step to any major repair is to schedule an estimate with our staff. For some work, such as paintless dent repair (PDR), estimates are faster.

Collision Repair

vérifiez ce lien ici maintenant We work with all auto insurance companies, and are a preferred insurance provider for many. We repair all makes and models – from Audi to Ford to Volvo.

this link Our goal for collision repair is that after the repairs are complete, your vehicle will look as it did prior to the collision, and be equally as safe, with a long and reliable lifespan ahead. With professional collision repair techniques and equipment, your vehicle should seem as if the damage never happened. We ensure the frame, body panels, paint and any other affected parts are up to standard before a repair is complete.

We have special experience with Honda and Hyundai models as we are the on-site collision repair provider for Buerkle Honda and Buerkle Hyundai.


We use OEM paint for true color matching and carefully blend the correct shade for each job individually. A single vehicle can easily have 20 or 30 different shades of paint. In addition, paint fades over time from sun and other factors, making a perfect match a highly skilled achievement. Quality paint work is invisible – you won’t be able to tell that the new paint is any different from the original.

Your vehicle’s new paint will be applied and set in a specialized paint booth right here on site, with great care taken to ensure the new paint is applied exactly where it is needed and other areas are left untouched.

Our painters have completed specialized training and many hours of work to gain the skills necessary for auto body painting.

Paintless Dent Repair

Many dents can be removed using paintless dent repair, which is a faster and more affordable option compared to replacing the body panel. This includes most light hail damage. The key criteria for a PDR is whether the paint was damaged or cracked by the impact; if so, traditional repair techniques will need to be used. The largest PRD-repairable dents we have seen have been over a foot across! After a PDR is complete, your vehicle will look as if the dent never happened.

  • PDR does not require a report to insurance – keep your premiums low!
  • Most PDRs are completed in just a few hours
  • Highly experience on-site technician

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